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Why Unlimited Bandwidth Is Very Important?

unlimited bandwidth

With the increased number of websites being launched these days, it’s becoming difficult to keep up with the competition. The only thing that predicts the uptime of a website is the technical specifications of the server it is hosted on. It mostly overwhelms the owner as there are many packages offered by web hosting companies to choose from. Each package has different technical characteristics, and perhaps the most important factor being different bandwidth allocation and bandwidth policies. Before we dive deeper into this topic, it is essential that the term bandwidth is operationally defined first in order for our readers to understand it better.

Upon Defining Bandwidth:

Bandwidth is the total amount of data exchanged between the user and the website. It also includes the data downloaded from your website. The speed and the number of applications being run by the web hosting servers are directly proportional to bandwidth. The increased speed will require more bandwidth and vice versa. Websites with complex layout and high traffic should go for packages that offer a higher bandwidth limit. The same guidelines are prescribed for companies that plan on extending their businesses in the near future.

Upon evaluating the web hosting services, users tend to pay critical attention to how proficient the hosting package is in managing networking and connections. A high bandwidth limit being offered means that these functions will be carried out rather speedily.

Importance Of Unlimited Bandwidth:

Having unlimited bandwidth makes one feel safe and assured with regard to the web hosting service they have chosen. The advantages of unlimited bandwidth are the following:

An unlimited bandwidth package is of great use if your website carries a lot of multimedia content like audio, video, animation or downloadable content. Multimedia files are usually big. Users may not be able to play them without complaining about buffering issues if you have not allocated a high enough bandwidth limit. This would affect your business badly if you happen to gain popularity overnight.

You’re bound to have a lot of potential clients and customers. An unlimited bandwidth package would make sure things go smoothly even if all customers logged in at the same time. Also, there would be no downtime issue in case they are downloading some heavy data from your website.

You don’t have to worry about additional charges being imposed by the web hosting company. Another thing that a bad web hosting company does is prohibit you from using their service further without notifying you beforehand if you reach a certain bandwidth threshold.

Subscribing to an unlimited bandwidth package lets your website avoid any downtime. These issues have the potential to drive customers away which would affect the profitability of the website or business.

Users visiting a website with unlimited bandwidth will always get their downloadable content and are likely to return to it than users who had visited a site with slowed performance. Websites that don’t load content within the first 4 seconds are mostly left by visitors. Search engines, as a result, rank such sites poorly which results in decreased revenue.


Web hosting companies may easily fool you by using the term “unlimited”. They may offer you the first few GB’s of data for free knowing that your website doesn’t require that much and later on may impose additional charges when an increase in bandwidth observed. If you have a limited audience, say about a 3000 – 5000 visits per month, there is no need for you to consider an unlimited bandwidth package. On the other hand, if your audience grows you might encounter spikes in bandwidth usage, in which case having unlimited bandwidth will make sure your website stays up and operational.

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