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Advantages Of Unlimited Web Hosting

Unlimited Web Hosting

The benefits of unlimited web hosting are unlimited! We will discuss what unlimited web hosting means and what are the pros and cons regarding it. Unlimited web hosting basically unlimited disk storage, addon domains, subdomains, databases as well as unlimited data transfer at the same time, if one of these factors is not unlimited then we can’t call the hosting package truly unlimited. 99% of Hosting companies offer packages with unlimited addon domains, subdomains, databases to begin with, but very few offer unlimited data transfer or disk storage. For a friendly price, web hosting providers are offering you the ability to manage as many websites as you wish. It can serve different and several kinds of hosting requirements and targets. So, why should your business website go unlimited?

The following are the top reasons why you should choose unlimited web hosting.

Economic And Reliable

Again, it’s wallet-friendly! Most internet providers offer packages that sometimes are not affordable. Some people can’t afford $25 a month for web hosting yet they strive to grow their business. Unlimited hosting provides generally better prices and packages than other ones. It’s a low investment hosting package. The stability and reliability is another positive feature.

Huge Capacity

One of the most important advantages of going unlimited is its storage capacity. You can create many large websites without having to worry about whether your websites can fit or not. There is no fear of running out regarding disk space on the hosting server.

Unlimited Data Transfer

Another feature of unlimited hosting is that you can transfer an unlimited amount of data in theory. When your visitors connect to your website or download something from your website they transfer data in and out of the server. Some providers only provide limited data transfer and slow down the connection or suspend your account if you reach this limit.

Stay Away From Overage Charge

An overage charge can happen out of the blue and very unexpectedly! These charges can cause you a lot of additional expenses. Overage charges are usually charged by hosting providers who have a limited data transfer policy, to begin with. Your website may experience a sudden traffic wave and you may reach your monthly bandwidth limit. Whether your business is big or small, you would want to avoid unnecessary charges. With unlimited hosting, your website can avoid any extra expenses because it can have the required amount of bandwidth.

With Unlimited Hosting You Get Powerful Control Panel

You will get a powerful control panel (cPanel) when choosing an unlimited hosting plan. Some of these panels provide excellent features, such as: taking care of your different websites, analyzing and modifying your source code and having access to your emails.

The Satisfaction is (Unlimited)

When your business is growing, whether it’s a blog or small service company, one day you will reach high traffic that can be managed easily with unlimited hosting. It can take care of all necessary storage space, domains, and bandwidth requirements, etc. You will be enjoying peace of mind while all of your websites and businesses are being handled. On the other hand, unlimited plans also have some issues. Many claim that the word “unlimited” is actually deceiving because they are actually limited. The limiting factors lie in the small print, in the Terms of Service. There is no such thing as unlimited hosting because it cannot even be sustained. Also, computers have certain costs to host data, and this data cannot be “unlimited.” Therefore, here are some points that you need to consider:

  • Web hosting providers are there to make money, and sometimes they may state some outlandish claims to succeed with their sales. They would make you believe that you can have it all, yet they want to make money. They would tell you it’s unlimited yet there will always be a ceiling that you cannot exceed.
  • In worst the scenarios, you can lose all of your data, oops! The server hosting your unlimited package may be attracting abusive clients who slow down the server. In some cases, the server will run out of space and this may result in a devastating event for your whole website. The server could crash and you may have lost your data, frustrated visitors or customers. You will be spending a lot on the process of recreating your website.

However, there is no reason why you shouldn’t give the unlimited bandwidth web hosting a try. It would definitely supercharge your business to the next level!

Intellyhost provides unlimited web hosting packages at reasonable prices, including, VPS hosting, reseller hosting plans and even dedicated servers.

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