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Only takes 3 Minutes for your Personal Hosting Account to be ready for $4.99/per Year
$9.99/per Year

$4.99/per Year

SSD Shared Hosting

SSD Shared Hosting is ideal for any small or medium sized website or web application!
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$14.99/per Month

$7.49/per Month

Enterprise Hosting

Enterprise Hosting was designed to sustain medium or large sized websites with high traffic and disk space requirments!
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$9.99/per Month

$4.99/per Month

SSD VPS Hosting

SSD VPS Hosting is ideal if you need complete control over your server, but you don't want to invest into a dedicated server yet!
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$129.99/per Month

$59.99/per Month

Dedicated Server Hosting

Dedicated Server Hosting is the pinnacle of hosting as you have complete control and an abundance of dedicated resources!
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Find Your Ideal Domain Name

Domains only from $9.99/per Year

Our Features

We pride ourselves in the amount of features we offer no matter which package your buy!


Our servers are carefully firewalled and DDOS protected from outside harm

Data Enctyption

Free SSL is available to all customer with a click of a button

Data Analysis

Your statistics show up in your client area so you can upgrade or downgrade

Data Protection

We protect your data using RAID 1 or RAID 10 depending on the server

Support Center

Our support team and knowledgebase is available to you if you need assistance

Technical Service

Our technicians are available to help you or give you advice


We monitor our servers 24/7 for issues or downtime

Website Optimization

Website Optimization tools are built into cPanel to help you with your website

Bug Fixing

We can fix minor bugs for you if you contact our customer support

Our Products

Our products can be thought of as a part of three big categories even if there is some overlap.

SSD Shared Hosting

SSD Shared Hosting means you share all server resources, but it is cheap in return!
$9.99/per Year

$4.99/per Year

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SSD VPS Hosting

SSD VPS Hosting grants you a slice of the server with full root access!
$9.99/per Month

$4.99/per Month

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Dedicated Hosting

Dedicated Hosting means you have the entire server for yourself, no noisy neighbors!
$129.99/per Month

$59.99/per Month

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Which Hosting Is for you?

There are fundamental differences between our products. This table will help you make the correct decision!
Shared Hosting
VPS Hosting
Dedicated Hosting
Hardware Intel i3 2.33 Intel i5 2.7 Depends on selection
Memory 128MB Ram 512MB - 5GB Ram 16GB - 48GB Ram
Storage 5GB - 20GB SSD 10GB - 40 GB SSD HDD or SSD
Bandwidth Unlimited 1GB - 4 GB 1GB - 10 GB
Resources Shared Shared Dedicated
Root Access No Yes Yes
Software Free cPanel You Install You Install
Operating system CloudLinux Linux (You choose) Linux (You choose)
choose a plan choose a plan choose a plan

The IntellyHost Guarantee

No matter how small your purchase is we are here to help you and support your project!

Complete Support

Our support team is ready to assist you via Live Chat, Ticket or E-mail. If you need any assistance don't hesitate to contact us!

10 Day Refund Guarantee

We have a 10 day refund policy in place. If you encounter any issues that would warrant a refund we won't hesitate to issue it.

99.9% Uptime

Our services have a 99.9% update guarantee which means we can promise that our services will only be down for 8 hours/year on average!

How to setup your Hosting

You can setup your hosting in 5 minutes or in 5 simple steps. Just follow the instructions!

1. Choose your product

First you need to decide which hosting product will satisfy all your needs. Wether it is shared, reseller, VPS or dedicated hosting we are here to help you choose.

2. Register and pay

After you choose a hosting product you will be taken to the registration page (if you haven't done so already) and will be asked to pay the invoice.

3. Take a quick break

Take a break and give our system a few minutes to check your payment, automatically setup your hosting account and send out the relevant e-mails.

4. Login to your hosting account

All information regarding your hosting account will be sent via e-mail, but you can always login from your client area as well.

5. Lift off to success

Now that everything is setup you can start creating or uploading your website, web application or files to our servers. In case of a VPS or dedicated server don't forget to choose the correct OS.

Quick FAQ

In this section you will only find answers to the most common presales questions. For more information visit our Knowledgebase!
Can I migrate my website to IntellyHost?
Yes you can!
You only need to copy over your home directory and database. If you are using cPanel simply use the cPanel backup tool and restore everything on our servers. In case your website is on a vps you will have to setup everything on our VPS and then migrate your files as there is a 99% chance that our snapshot system is different than the provider's you are coming from!
I already have a domain. Can I buy hosting here?
Yes you can!
You simply have to update your nameservers to the ones we specifiy in our e-mails once you purchase a product. You can change your domain nameservers at your domain registrar.
Do I get my hosting instantly?
Pretty much, yes.
We send you your login details to your freshly created hosting account right after payment. The only exceptions are dedicated servers where there is a 2-24 hours provisioning period.
Can I get a refund?
Yes, you can get a refund within 10 days from your payment date. However, this only applies for shared, reseller and VPS hosting. There is no refund for Domain and Dedicated server purchases.
Where are your servers located?
Our servers are located at multiple locations. We have servers in France, Canada and the United States. Not all services are available at all locations so if your website is region sensitive contact us before making a purchase!


You can read some of the testimonials we received and saved via Live Chat. We promise these are 100% real!

I was asked to write this quick review via Live Chat and I must say that all my questions where answered fairly quickly. It's also obvious that this hosting company does not outsource support to Indian companies. I talked with the admin.

Jordan, Customer

I'm a friend of the admin so my review is biased. However, I have seen IntellyHost grow from a small 1-man operation to a full-fledged business!

Adam, Friend of Admin

Good support all around. I was having issues making my website because I have no experience with coding whatsoever, but rather then helping me just a little the admin just gave me a few turnkey themes free of charge. LOL

Dorian, Customer

I had issues with my VPS because I didn't understand where is the cpanel on the VPS. It turns out there is no cpanel on a VPS by default. You have to install it or any other website management program. Long story short, the admin gave me a good idea what to do next.

Sebastian, Customer

I moved my website here but it didn't work at first. It turns out you also have to move all your DNS settings if you have subdomains and addon domains. Live Chat helped me.

Muhammad, Customer

I'm a programmer so I pretty much understand everything regarding hosting. I choose IntellyHost because of their pricing, more accurately because of the Black Friday deal I got! Amazing deal.

Gy├Ârgy, Customer

I have been with a big provider for quite a while, but their support was so awful that I had to switch. So I switched to IntellyHost and I can finally talk to people who understand things about hosting and not interns who never made a website in their lives. Sorry for the rant.

Vincent, Customer

I'm running an ecommerce website and I was using a paid ecommerce platform. I contacted support at IntellyHost for something different but they gave me the best advice regarding another platform that is better, opensource and free. It was a pain but I switched of course.

Gray, Customer