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Creating a Web Hosting Business With Reseller Hosting

Web hosting business

Web hosting business is a lucrative business that can open up new streams of income for you. Businesses will always need websites. These websites can only function when there are servers to keep them up and running 24/7. This creates a lot of opportunities for business-minded people to invest in a web hosting business without really breaking the bank. You can use reseller hosting to begin a new web hosting venture without pre-existing expertise or too much capital.

Why You Should Start A Web Hosting Business?

You should start a web hosting business for a number of reasons. Some of them are discussed below.

The Internet Is Forever

The internet will definitely be around for as long as the human race exists. It is not possible for the internet to work properly without web hosting companies. As a result of this, the demand for web hosting services will continue to rise. If you have the correct mindset, you can definitely take advantage of the situation.

The Market Has Not Reached Its Full Capacity

It is important to note that the web hosting market has not reached it’s full capacity and saturation point yet. The increase in demand for web hosting in recent years is overwhelming especially from developing countries. blue-chip companies are yet to make their presence felt online while new businesses are coming on board every day. As a result of this, there are many opportunities in the web hosting business.

You Can Start Small 

Another good thing about this business is that you can start on a small scale and work your way up. You can also begin at anytime because it is not a seasonal business. It is in demand all year round. Even if you don’t have much capital, with passion and hard work, the sky is your limit.

Growth Is Encouraged and Easy to Achieve

The ability to grow and expand is more realistic in the web hosting business than most. There are many ways of growing in this niche. You can collaborate with others in this field like domain registrars, web designers, bloggers, affiliate marketers, and web server managers. By partnering with these professionals in the same industry, your revenue will receive a boost.

A Guide To Starting a Web Hosting Business With Reseller Hosting

The guide below will help you to start your own business using reseller hosting. If you follow the guide properly, you will definitely have a smooth start in this business.

Choose your platform: cPanel

There are two major Operating System options to choose from when hosting platforms are being considered. The two major options are Windows and Linux. Windows is loved by many because of its support for MySQL, ASP, .NET. On the other hand, Linux is cheaper, open source and offers an exceptional hosting experience. It is important for you to ensure that your reseller hosting provider supports both Linux and Windows, but especially all the major Linux distributions. Once you have chosen your OS, you need to pick a web hosting control panel. Right now cPanel is the most widely used and most stable of all the options. It is rare to see a hosting company not offering cPanel.

Choose your hosting provider

You will need a web hosting company that will rent sera ver to you. It is possible for you to go for a dedicated server but if you are running on a budget, you can choose a highly popular reseller plan. The type of plan you choose will largely depend on the scale of services you want to provide. It is better to speak with your hosting provider so that they can inform you about an ideal plan that will be perfect for your scale and scope of services.

In addition, before selecting a web hosting provider, you should know whether their customer service is available round the clock. You should also know about the available resources of their control panel, the size of bandwidth, and disk space allocated to you, etc. The reputation and experience of a hosting company matters when making a choice and a robust knowledge base is a must.

Your hosting plan and pricing strategy

You need to come up with various hosting plans so that you will be able to cater for small, medium and large-scale businesses. However, if you want to target small businesses, you should ensure that you come up with plans that provide better value than your competition. At IntellyHost we are confident that no matter which reseller plan you choose you will be able to create both for your customers and for your business!

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