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Which Billing Software Is Best For Your Reseller Business?

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Your reseller hosting business needs the perfect billing software that can manage payments, invoicing and vital business information. There are lots of billing software around. They come with a wide range of features that will ensure your business runs smoothly at all times. The below mentioned are the most popular ones in the industry.

WHMCS Billing Sofware

WHMCS is an acronym for Web Host Manager Complete Solution and it is a closed-source panel for managing bills as well as automating hosting. It is well-documented with kits for module development, remote and local APIs. WHMCS has a wide range of compatible third-party software that can be integrated. It is a popular platform because of its flexibility and extendibility.

Some of the features of WHMCS billing options are credit card processing, tax support, a variety of free offers, recurring and 1-time billing. The client area has many features including lots of third-party templates, extensive reports, and translation in 10+ languages.


Blesta is a developer-friendly, first-class billing automation and management software. It features object-oriented, source-documented and well-written code with about 100% openness. It has protection for just three files so that their license protection can be guaranteed. Blesta integrates freely with your choice of control panel, domain registry, virtual servers, just to mention a few. The interface is completely customizable absolutely, including the dashboard, client profile, billing overview and so on. In addition, you can configure, maximize and minimize widgets in accordance with your desire.


If you are looking for an exceptionally accommodating management platform, Clientexec is your best bet. It comes with great features like over 15 options for taxation customization, payment gateways, live chat, and fundamental reporting on revenue growth, income as well as incoming clients. You can set your business to autopilot while the platform handles everything else. You can connect it to many third-party applications. And you have the choice of choosing from many top control panels – cPanel, Interworx or ISPmanager.


BoxBilling is specifically created for domain registry, reseller hosting, sales of downloadable products, shared hosting and so on. It is available as free and as a premium version. The premium version has greater features like powerful automation, flexible invoicing, multi-supporting integrated helpdesk. Other features include an optional payment gateway, product provisioning, multi-language interface, among others. You can create add-ons without much hassle.

HostBill Billing Software

It is an ideal billing software for cloud, hosting, and VPN service providers. HostBill assists big hosting and web firms to manage their business necessities, especially in regards to processing payments. It gives you the opportunity to manage all aspects of your client billing. Hostbill comes with SSL, recurring and 1-time billing, recurring invoicing, over 90 payment gateways, among others. You can manage all your services from one point through the all-inclusive client portal.


BILLmanager is a product of ISPsystem which has produced many first-class hosting panels such as ISPmanager, DCImanager, VMmanager, just to mention but a few. BILLmanager is free if you have less than 50 clients and you will not be limited in any shape or form. Its features look similar to WHMCS or HostBill or in between the two. It is ideal for startups so that they will have the opportunity of building their businesses with ease. It has two plans for small and big businesses with sleek features like automatic billing, invoicing as well as service setup, SSL, and management of affiliate programs and so on.


Ubersmith is an enterprise-level billing management and help-ticketing software with a wide range of exceptional features. You can leverage its power to add value to your business for effective operations. It supports internal and external integrations such as domain registrars, merchant providers, SSL providers, just to mention a few. There are many ideal e-commerce solutions for your business. These include recurring invoices, product catalogs that can be customized, payment automation, over 50 payment gateways, among others.


WHSuite is a unique solution that offers multi-currency billing, domain registration support, etc. WHsuite also features other billing essentials like safe credit card storing and logging of transactions. You can produce add-ons and work with the control panel of your choice.

Our Favourites

WHMCS (Best and more well-rounded software for hosting automation)

HostBill (Best for Cloud and ISP/VPN deployments)

Blesta and Clientexec (Great alternatives to WHMCS)

BoxBilling (Free for startups!)

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