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Tips For Choosing A Domain Using SEO Tools

choosing a domain

Choosing a domain name for your website is the first step you need to take for a successful online presence. Apart from boosting your search engine ranking, a good domain name will create a brand that your customers will identify with. There are some SEO tools that can assist you to find your ideal domain name for your site. Some of them are discussed below.


LongTailPro is a valuable tool for getting exceptional keyword-rich domains. Instead of torturing your brain for keyword ideas, this tool will do most of the job for you. It will generate ideas and check for availability of the name. You only need to enter a set of keywords and there will be many options available for you to choose from.


Domize is also a great SEO tool for choosing domains. It works wonderfully by giving you available names that can be registered without much stress. You can then go ahead to make your choice so as to get maximum results.


Wordoid is another wonderful tool for selecting the best domain name for your website. You can specify the words you want and it will give you the results including word combinations.


DomainsBot is another SEO tool for picking the right name. By entering your chosen keywords into this tool, you will get loads of suggestions. You will see names that are available to register and those available at the secondary market. This will give you the opportunity to have many choices to pick from.


NameMesh is another tool for choosing a domain for your site. It works by giving you suggestions based on the keywords you enter. It combines words in order to provide different possible options.

Tips For Choosing A Domain Name

Apart from using SEO and domaining tools, you need to keep some tips for choosing a domain in your mind. These facts are tested as well as trusted. Here are some of them.

Begin With Keywords

Words that are related to what you do are the keywords that you will use to start the process. You can combine them to see the ones that make sense and look good. You can use any of the tools mentioned above in order to have a seamless exercise. Prefixes and suffixes are also great in arriving at good domain combinations. You can use them to create attention-grabbing names.

Let It Be Unique

Since your domain name represents your brand, it is very important to make it unique. You should not choose something that is similar to a popular brand because it can cause confusion. However, you should not try to be too unique either. You should be careful with the use of different spellings of common words. They can lead to more trouble for you in the future.

Get A .COM

Despite the availability of many top-level domains (TLDs), .com is the most popular. There are many internet users who don’t know anything about various TLDs which brings out the issue of trust. .COM domains are trusted by many online users and they may hesitate to visit other TLDs. Even if your site is on other TLDs, you can get the .com name and redirect to your main website.

It Should Be Easy To Type

You should try to make your URL easy to type so that your visitors will not be discouraged to use the direct URL. Long and difficult-to-spell names can be frustrating to today’s internet users who are always on the move. Making it easy to type will encourage them to type it in google and build your brand in the search results!

Make It Memorable and Short

Your name should be memorable so that it is easier to spread mouth-to-mouth. Word-to-word marketing remains relevant in today’s world. Keeping your domain memorable and short will boost your marketing effort for a maximized profit.

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