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SSD Web Hosting Advantages Over HDD Web Hosting

SSD Web Hosting

SSD and HDD represent two distinct storage disks in web hosting. SSD stands for solid state drive while HDD stands for hard disk drive. The two drives are very essential for the storage of files but SSD has more advantages compared to HDD. This piece highlights and discusses these advantages for your reading pleasure.

HDD has been around for a while. It involves a physical disk which spins internally for the purpose of storing your data. As a result of this, there is always a small delay when data is about to be accessed as the disk spins. This leads to the advent of SSD which offers more affordable as well as bigger capacity options and its advantages over HDD are listed below.

Why SSD Web Hosting?

Solid state disk (SSD) processes data faster than hard disk drive (HDD) and this will make your website load faster. SSD hosting will ensure better user experience and better ranking of your website on search engines. It is a known fact that page speed is very paramount in Google algorithm and vital in achieving better user experience. Research shows that there is about 200% improvement in speed when switching from HDD to SSD. The overall benefit of using SSD for your website is that it will be more productive and successful.

Better Data Security

HDD is more exposed to mechanical failure than SSD because it depends on physical spinning. Drive failure can increase the risk of data loss but HDD hosting companies are using RAID (Redundant Array of Inexpensive Disks) backup system to alleviate this problem, but it has always been persisting. While an efficient backup policy is essential in ensuring data security, your main drive should be secured to a larger extent. SSDs also have longer lifespans and are more defiant to physical damage such as drops or bumps. If you really care about your data, you should choose a hosting provider offering SSD.

Executes Requests Faster

Contrary to HDDs, SSDs have the capability of reading and writing data simultaneously. This gives them the ability to carry out web requests at a faster rate than HDD, which will ensure that hosting performs better, particularly for websites with heavy requests. In addition, speedy reading and writing of the data will reduce your server’s reliance on CPU which will free up a lot of server resources.

Better For Database Intensive Uses Like eCommerce or Forums

If your website is database intensive, you will have a better experience selecting SSD over HDD. WordPress and e-commerce sites usually fall within this category and SSD hosting offers better user experience. The hard drive plays a major role in boosting the performance of a website and with SSD, I/O intensive as well as database websites will perform optimally.

Lower Power Usage More Friendly to the Environment

SSDs usually use up only 20% of the power that will spin HDDs and if this is calculated for many servers, a lot of power will be saved eventually. This helps in reducing electricity consumption so that our environment will be better for it. If you think about a better environment, you should consider SSD web hosting.

More Reliable Performance Because of No Fragmentation

Lack of data fragmentation in SSDs compared to HDDs makes it possible for them to perform more reliably. They know the exact location of the data, unlike HDDs, to give the best user experience.

SSDs Are Decreasing in Cost

Even though SSDs still cost more than HDDs for similar storage capacity, their cost is decreasing by the day. In fact, you can get a cheap shared hosting package that makes use of SSD at almost the same cost as HDD hosting and the performance you will get is incomparable.

Top Providers Are Making The Switch

Top hosting providers are now considering SSD hosting as a viable option in delivering better hosting experience for their clients. The advancement of SSD technology will make it be more and more cost-effective and popular in the web hosting world.

The Bottom Line

Since there are many affordable SSD Website Hosting plans available, you will be making the right decision by choosing one. However, it is advisable to choose a reliable hosting provider in order to get the best results.

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