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Reseller Hosting Package or Shared? Which Is Better?

Reseller Hosting Package

Reseller and shared hosting are often misconstrued by many people. Even though both of them involve sharing of the server by many users, they still have their individual uniqueness. In order to know the right package to go for, it is important to know about the aspects of reseller hosting and shared web hosting.

Shared Hosting

A shared hosting package is perfect for you if you are running a small business and want the business to have an online presence. Resources will be allocated to you by your hosting provider in accordance with the plan you are purchasing. You will only need to focus on designing your website, managing your domain, setting up your email and so on.

Reseller Hosting

Reseller hosting can be a powerful option for freelance developers with many clients as the cost of each cPanel is drastically lower than buying them as shared hosting packages. It is also an ideal choice for startup businesses who plan to launch many online projects. In addition, if you are interested in starting a web hosting business, reseller hosting can be an ideal choice for you.

You only need to purchase a single package and allocate the resources to your various websites or clients. You have the opportunity of controlling the settings of the server as well as domains and you will have access to management tools which will make the business of reselling hosting service or hosting multiple sites less cumbersome.

cPanel / WHM Control Panel

Both reseller and shared hosting packages come with the cPanel/WHM management panel. As an end user on shared hosting, you will typically get cPanel while as a reseller you will get WHM. With cPanel, you will have access to options for managing domains, FTP-s, emails, databases, among others. You will also have access to applications that will give you the capacity of installing various software such as Magento and WordPress easily. At IntellyHost cPanel is available for all of the shared hosting plans while other well-known control panels like Webmin, Plesk, ISPmanager, are not due to low demand.

As a web hosting reseller, you will get an upgraded cPanel consisting of cPanel and WHM (web hosting manager). WHM works as the hosting account manager for your business. It is possible for you to produce, manage and change cPanel accounts. Furthermore, you can create server alerts, authorize custom features for hosting accounts, park domains, create and install SSL, upgrade and downgrade hosting accounts, just to mention a few.

Number of Sites You Can Host 

In most cases, you can only host one website on a shared hosting package. However, some web hosting providers allow multiple website hosting but with strings attached. Hence, it is very important for you to know the details of a shared hosting package.

A reseller hosting package gives you the opportunity to host multiple websites and allocate resources to them accordingly. You will also get personal nameservers which will help in organizing your operations. This gives you better control over the domains of your clients as well as your own in order to ensure proper management.

Security and Performance 

Shared hosting can make your website to be more exposed to resource-throttling because you are sharing resources with other websites. If a site is compromised, it may have an adverse effect on stability. Since the resources available to a shared account is limited, the level of performance will also be uneven. If you want to eliminate this issue simply buy VPS Hosting instead.

Reseller hosting offers more security and better performance because you will be more in charge of your resources. You can add features that will boost performance without going beyond your budget. You will also have access to management features that will make your job easier and make the platform safer for all.


Shared hosting is very cheap because the resources allocated to various websites are shared. However, this raises the issues of performance and security. On the other hand, reseller hosting may be too expensive to simply host a single website. You will get a platform that will make it easier for you to make money reselling web hosting services as well. With the right marketing strategy, you should be able to break even within a few months!

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